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Why Choose Us

Aerofloat Aviation Academy is an intriguing as well as challenging career that allows you to experience the world from a fresh perspective. As an aviation professional, you gain the opportunity to travel to new locations, meet new people, and learn about diverse cultures. To fulfill your desire to work as an aviation professional, the Aviation Academy offers several different technical and management training courses to the aspiring the aviation community. As the best aviation academy in Dehradun, we believe in collaborating with each student to help them achieve their aviation goals.

Tourism and Hospitality Professional

A 12-month course that will offer you an in-depth knowledge of the tourism and hospitality industries. After completing the best tourism and hospitality course, you will be well-equipped to manage visitors and obtain employment at the top luxury hotels, resorts, and travel firms.

Ground Staff and Hospitality Professional

A 6-month course that will prepare you for a range of jobs in airports, airlines, and hotels. This is the best ground staff and hospitality course that equips you with skills like client management, luggage handling, security protocols, a chain of command, and other industry regulations.

Aviation, Tourism, and Hospitality Professional

A 12-month course that will offer you in-depth knowledge of in-flight experience, ground handling, people and resource management, and ticketing along with reception desk management, housekeeping, food and beverage services, and more.

Customer Service Professional

A 6-month course that teaches you about client servicing and its importance for businesses to handle client inquiries, address their complaints, and give them a proper solution. The best customer service course also teaches about sales concepts and tactics along with on-call communication.

Professional in Retail

A 6-month course that provides you with a thorough understanding of the retail business and its components like customer service, brand creation and management, foreign exchange procedures, POS system administration, and other retail activities.

Airport Management and Customer Care

An 8-month course that equips individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage an airport effectively while providing excellent customer service. The course covers a range of topics, including airport operations, customer service, security, and safety.

Professional in Ground Staff Services

A 5-month course that equips you to handle all ground operations at airports & airline businesses. The course provides an understanding of all employment positions in airport sectors such as airport handling, cargo & transportation, customer service, and passenger handling.

Professional in Cabin Crew

An 8-month course that teaches you the tasks and responsibilities of a cabin crew professional. The best cabin crew course covers everything from airport and aviation operations to passenger & luggage handling, in-flight service, and safety & security protocols.

Professional in Event Management

A 3-month course that offers you an in-depth knowledge of event management duties such as logistical management, planning, and budgeting. After completing the course you’ll be able to organize award ceremonies, fashion events, concerts, and other exhibits.

Personality Development

A 7-month course that strengthens and enhances your personality for you to land that ideal job. The course improves your communication and presentation skills along with other soft skills and guides you to manage your personas, as well as your health and diet.

Airport Terminal Operations and Management

A 10-month course that teaches you everything about the inner workings of an airport terminal. The best airport management course prepares you for careers in luggage handling, ticketing, and cargo handling by providing both classroom lessons and practical experiences.